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Franklin, Tennessee is the county seat of Williamson County and one of the biggest cities in the Nashville Metropolitan area. In 2014, “Garden and Gun” Magazine named it the Best Southern Town. “Travel & Leisure” also named it the 8th best town in the nation.



Obviously, there is a lot to draw people to Franklin, and that has played out in its size. It has seen dramatic growth in the last 30 years, increasing in size six-fold since 1980. That growth has driven the Franklin, TN real estate market which is an interesting mix of old historic homes alongside mostly new construction with character. In fact, 95% of homes in Franklin were built after 1990. A local Franklin real estate agent can help you navigate the listings and find Franklin, TN homes for sale along with the broader Williamson County real estate market, so you can find a home to match your budget and needs.


History of Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin was founded in 1799 and is named for Benjamin Franklin. It was the site of the Civil War’s Battle of Franklin on November 20, 1864. The battle was a crushing defeat for the Confederate Army. Parts of the battlefield are preserved, including several houses and the McGavock Confederate Cemetery. The cemetery is the final resting place for nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers.

More recently, Franklin may be best known as the home of the Cyrus family: Billy Ray, Miley, and Trace. Musicians Alan Jackson and Hayley Williams also hail from there.


Growth and Economy

Franklin grew steadily through the 20th century but saw its most dramatic size increases since 1980. The population then was only 12,407 and was estimated at over 72,000 in 2015.

Nissan North America maintains their headquarters in Franklin, and they are one of the city’s top employers. A number of healthcare companies, including Community Health Systems, Optum, and Healthways, are also based in Franklin. The Williamson County real estate has grown around this new population, with large homes cropping up in the rolling hills of former farms on the outer edges of town. Shopping, dining, and entertainment has become a focus of Franklin life since it began its expansion in the 1980s, and these establishments both employ and serve many people in the city.


Demographics and Population

Franklin is a great place to raise a family, and close to 40% of households include children under 18. It is also a relatively young place, with almost 75% of the population younger than 45, and more than 90% under 65. The median age is 33.

The city is solidly middle class, with an average family income of around $91,000 per year. Only about 5% of families live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is under 5%. Most Franklin, TN real estate houses people who own the property. Renters make up only around 30% of housing units in the city.

To support all the children in town, Franklin has a number of public and private schools. Williamson County real estate dollars help fund 45 schools in the K-12 system. Three high schools in the Williamson County district were ranked by Newsweek as among the top 1,000 in the country. There are also ten private schools. For higher education, Belmont University maintains a campus in Franklin, and it is the home of the O’More College of Design and Williamson College.

A local Franklin real estate agent will help you find Franklin, TN homes for sale near the schools that most interest you and your children.

Racially, the city is mostly white, at about 85%, with 10% African-American and 5% Hispanic citizens. The majority of adults (67%) are married, and the town has slightly more women than men with a 1:0.9 ratio.


Recreation and Events

There is so much to do in Franklin! There are five big festivals each year: 3 blind vines (a wine tasting party), the Main Street Brewfest, Main Street Festival, Heritage Ball, Pumpkinfest, and Dickens of Christmas. The Franklin Art Scene is a monthly art crawl where participants move among galleries and studios over the course of an evening.

There is a thriving live music scene in the downtown bars and restaurants, with performances almost every night and weekend. The town may be best known for the Franklin Theater, which appears often in the popular show “Nashville”. It hosts musicians and still shows films, too. You can even get a beer with your movie while you’re there.

Outside the heart of the city, there are historic museums, parks, plantations, and galleries to keep the town active and engaged.


Business and Shopping

Beyond the big industries mentioned above, Franklin supports a lot of local business. The city’s largest employer is actually the CoolSprings Galleria, a large shopping mall.

In 1984, The Downtown Franklin Association was established to revitalize the city’s downtown core while protecting its many historic buildings. Working with property owners, governments, and heritage groups, they redeveloped a 16-block area that is now one of Franklin’s main attractions. The downtown has a charming and thriving shopping scene with vintage shops, high-end boutiques, bookstores, and even a spy shop. The dining scene is also varied and interesting, with independent pizza parlors, brew pubs, and a number of high-end restaurants. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can enjoy seeing many Historic Register buildings up close.

Such a vibrant downtown is part of why Franklin, TN real estate is so desirable. Working with a local Franklin real estate agent will ensure you discover Franklin, TN homes for sale that keep you connected to the bustling town center while still finding the space and privacy you desire.

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