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Nolensville is a small town in Williamson County about 25 miles from Nashville, Tennessee. The quaint town has retained its historic feel with unique shops and restaurants in its historic buildings.



History of Nolensville, Tennessee

William and Sarah Nolen founded Nolensville in 1797. The legend is that their wagon wheel broke, stranding them in central Tennessee. When William saw the clear creek water and plentiful game, he decided his family should settle there. Along with his wife and five children, they built a log cabin where Nolan lived until his death. The legend lives on in the town’s Broken Wheel Festival and even the town logo which features a broken wheel.

The Nolen’s original log home was incorporated into another structure that eventually became the McCord House. The whole structure was moved to a new location in 2009. It is now preserved with part of the original Nolen house exposed, and visitors are welcome.

Many other historic buildings from the 1800s are still operating in the town. The Waller Funeral Home has operated in its location since 1876. Both the old creamery and mill are now home to retail stores. The downtown historic district features six buildings listed on the historic register.

The town was originally incorporated in 1839. It remained small, with less than 200 citizens, for decades. It was re-incorporated in 1996 after a referendum vote by the citizens, which has brought several thousand new residents.


Growth and Economy

Though Nolensville is still small, with a population of about 5,800, it has grown dramatically since its reincorporation in 1996. The town has nearly doubled in size at each census, expanding from only about 1,500 people in 1990 to its current size.

The influx of new residents has spurred a lot of new construction. Many Nolensville TN homes for sale are new, with 210 new building permits issued since 2010. These are largely located in developments. Nolensville, TN real estate taxes are the lowest in Williamson County, making it an attractive place to build.

The town carefully balances development with maintaining its historic nature. The Economic Development Committee for Nolensville works with residents to consider zoning changes, including what national stores to allow in to the town, where they will be located, and how they will impact existing local businesses. This has been especially important as Williamson Country grows around Nolensville.


Demographics and Population

At the 2010 census, the population was around 5,800, but it is projected to be close to 7,000 at this point. The population is relatively young. Over 70% of residents are under 45, and nearly 42% are under 18.

Students attend Williamson County Schools which are among the best in the country. US News ranked these schools among the top 25 in the country, and Newsweek named three county high schools in their list of the top 1,000 high schools in the United States. New public elementary and high schools were built in Nolensville in the last few years. Your Nolensville real estate agent can help you find Nolensville, TN homes for sale near your school of choice for your children.

Nolensville is also a more affluent area where families like to settle. The vast majority of households – over 77% – are married couples, and the average family size is 3.45. The average household income is $103,000. Combined with relatively low average house prices, it makes Nolensville TN real estate an attractive option as you settle your family.


Recreation and Events

There are two major festivals in Nolensville: the Broken Wheel Festival and the Buttercup Festival. The Broken Wheel Festival in September celebrates the town’s founding. It has bouncy inflatables for kids, food from local vendors, and a Battle of the Bands concert.

The Buttercup Festival takes place in April. It has food, drinks, rides, and games. Visitors can hear live music, ride ponies, and visit the petting zoo. There is also the Little Miss Buttercup Pageant, open to girls in Williamson County.

The town also puts on Fourth of July festivities each year. A parade and fireworks display are among the major attractions. Local restaurants assemble in the Nolensville Park to make an outdoor food court so residents can sample a variety of local treats.

The town offers a number of youth sports teams. Play fields line Mill Creek, bringing the community together in its parks to watch the kids play. A soccer complex and more teams are available nearby in Williamson County.


Business and Shopping

The Nolensville Historic Downtown District is home to boutique shopping and dining. Many buildings are on the historic register and the whole area is undergoing a revitalization. Antiques, toys, and unique clothing is all available in the charming district.

Nolensville Market Square was approved by the planning commission in August 2016. It will be a mixed-use, walkable town center with shops, restaurants, and residences. The development is under construction and will include cafes, restaurants, specialty shops, home goods stores, and clothing shops.

The new Nolensville Town Hall is the heart of business planning for the city. They handle zoning, permits, planning, and public works. The Town Hall also hosts meetings for the local Nolensville Area Business Network.

If you are looking for a small, distinctive town among all the Williamson County real estate options, Nolensville may be right for you. With excellent schools, small town charm, expanding options for shopping and dining, and easy access to the greater Nashville area, you get the best of all worlds in an attractive package.

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