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Williamson County in Tennessee is just outside Nashville. It is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation and is the fastest growing county in Tennessee. Residents and businesses alike have found many reasons to call it home.



Growth and Economy

The area that is now Williamson County was originally home to Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Shawnee tribes. White settlers began to move through the area after the Revolutionary War, when many were awarded land deeds for their service. The county was officially created October 26, 1799 when it was home to around 3,000 citizens.

By 1820, the population had reached the 20,000s. The county remained at this pre-Civil War size through the 1960 Census, when the population was around 25K. With the creation of the Interstate Highway System, it began a steady expansion, growing more than 40% each decade. In 2015, the population was estimated at 211,672. The dramatic growth has brought revitalization to the county’s historic areas along with new business opportunities in all sectors.

The downtown areas of Franklin and Brentwood have been redeveloped with boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops in and surrounding buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. CoolSprings Galleria, a shopping mall that opened in 1991. It features over 160 stores with 4 department store anchors, providing residents a wealth of shopping and dining options. There are also three Super Walmarts in the county.

Williamson County has been drawing in new residents from around the United States. Nearly half the county’s residents were born outside Tennessee. With a median income close to $100,000 and exceptionally low crime rates, it has upscale, safe living, great for settling down and raising a family.



Williamson County has some of the best schools in the United States. Newsweek ranked county high schools in the top 1,000 in the nation, and three high schools rank among the top 25 in Tennessee. Students’ ACT scores average 5% higher than the national average and 5-8% higher than the state average.

There are 45 schools in the district. All together, they serve over 31,000 students with an annual budget of $223 million. Every town in the county has elementary, middle, and high schools within its borders, ensuring that students do not have to endure long bus rides every day.

There are a number of private schools, including Catholic and preparatory schools. Six colleges and universities also have campuses here: Belmont University, Columbia State Community College, King University, O’More College of Design, University of Phoenix, and Williamson College.

A local real estate expert can help you find Williamson County homes for sale near the schools that are a good fit for your family.



Williamson County real estate has the lowest tax rate in the Nashville metropolitan area. It also has a highly educated population, with well over half of residents holding bachelor’s degrees or higher. Together, this makes it an appealing area for businesses, and every year sees more companies relocating to Williamson County.

Nissan North America, Tractor Supply Company, Mars, and Verizon are just a few of the large companies headquartered in Williamson County. More than half of the 25 largest publicly traded companies in the Nashville area are based here. The county has seen 14% job growth since 2008, and with that has come all the benefits to follow a wealthy, highly-employed population.



Relocating to Williamson County has become increasingly attractive, evidenced by the county’s dramatic population growth. With charming towns, excellent schools, and a wide range of recreational activities and dining and shopping destinations, it offers residents the best of suburban and rural live with easy access to Nashville’s opportunities.

The business climate is as strong as the residential market. Companies will find robust chambers of commerce and business-friendly town councils. Economic development is a top priority for the county and its cities. There is ample office space, a well-educated citizenry, and access to airports and transportation hubs.

Williamson County homes for sale include a lot of new construction alongside newer houses, historic homes, and farmland. The towns have all actively worked to preserve their unique historic character while supporting the development of restaurants, shops, and local businesses. Whatever amenities you want for your family, one of the communities in the county has something to for you.



Williamson County real estate options are spread across six main cities and towns:

  1. Brentwood is one of the wealthiest cities in America and has around 40,000 residents. Many professional athletes based in the Nashville area call Brentwood home. The town has ten major parks, and Maryland Farms offices are home to a number of major companies based in the county.

  2. Franklin is the county seat of Williamson County, and its largest city with close to 70,000 people. A number of healthcare companies are based here, and it offers some of the best shopping and dining in the county.

  3. Fairview is a smaller rural town in the county. Here you will find Bowie Nature Park, a 722 acre forested gem with a nature center that play host to dozens of events each year.

  4. Spring Hill has some of the county’s biggest industrial facilities, including a GM plant and Mars facility. It has grown especially fast, even for Williamson County, reaching over 18 times its 1990 size by 2015.

  5. Thompson’s Station is a small town with around 4,000 residents. There are plans for a championship golf course and residential development in the town, planned by Tiger Woods’s development company.

  6. Nolensville, with 7,000 residents, has a new town hall and the lowest tax rates in the county. Three new schools opened in the town in 2016, and it hosts many festivals for local residents each year.

If you are considering relocating to the Nashville area, Williamson County offers an excellent climate for business and a beautiful place to live. With great schools, low crime, high employment, and a fast-growing populace, residents have everything they need for a high quality of life in the rolling hills of central Tennessee. With low tax rates, three interstates, proximity to Nashville, and friendly economic development policies in place, you’ll see why hundreds of companies, big and small, have chosen to call Williamson County home.

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